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Dew Point Monitor

Dew Point Monitor

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Patient Safety
The NFPA99 has mandated that for MedGas systems the "dew point for locally compressed air shall be monitored and alarmed per 4- and 4- to protect from a line pressure dew point rise to 39F from a nominal design of 35F." This safeguard was the foundation for the new Edgetech DPM-99 Med Gas Dew Point Monitor. This specifically designed monitor exceeds the requirements set forth by the NFPA and was a collaboration with Airvac Technical Services who are Certified by P.I.P.E. as medical gas inspectors in all 50 US states.

The DPM-99 utilizes a chilled mirror sensor, the most accurate reliable dew point sensing scheme. This primary measurement is directly traceable to N.I.S.T.. The DPM-99 also uses a modified Automatic Balance Cycle (ABC) that allows for continuous monitoring of dew point with virtually maintenance free operation. Dew Point is monitored continuously for safety in the DPM-99 in comparison to only 5% of the time as touted by other manufacturers.

Easy to Install
The DPM-99 is a complete Dew Point Monitoring system. It consists of the sensor, Audible and Visual Alarms, and flow controller contained within an easily mountable ruggedized aluminum NEMA-12 enclosure. Only 1 sample line and power connections need to be made to become immediately compliant.

Why do I need this DP Monitor ?
Because the NFPA99, section 4-5.1.5 requires dew point levels be monitored and maintained below 39F. This is not only to protect expensive equipment such as ventilators and respirators but most importantly the end use: THE PATIENT. The EdgeTech DPM-99 surpasses the requirements set-forth by the NFPA.

Should I upgrade ?
Older systems that are "grandfathered" should be upgraded for peace of mind that your MedGas System is not endangering patients with dew points that are higher than the 39F mandated by the NFPA.



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