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Rebuilds / Swap-Outs

Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). In an effort to minimize your system downtimes, AIRVAC is now happy to offer Swap-Outs of Nash pumps.  We will provide a rebuilt Nash pump with optional stainless steel cladding and ceramic coating of vital wear areas, and once you have installed it, simply send us your old, worn or damaged pump, pre-paid.   It's that simple.  No more costly downtimes waiting for replacement pumps to arrive.  You can then rest easy knowing that your rebuilt Nash vacuum pump or compressor is backed by a three ( 3 ) year parts and workmanship warranty. 

In addition to stainless steel cladding, you can elect to use all stainless steel components in your rebuilt pump, giving you the advantages that come with 316L Stainless Steel.  Increased reliability and longevity  can be expected as Stainless Steel provides better erosive and corrosive wear along critical seal areas maintaining critical tolerances between rotors and cones much longer than Iron parts can.

For the ultimate in reliability, please click here to  have a look at 
AIRVAC's own line of 
bolt-in all 316L Stainless Steel Vacuum Pumps.

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